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Get To Know Steve Straseske, Retirement Specialist


What do you help people with?

Most clients come to us because they want to retire within the next 10 years. I simply help people develop and implement a plan so they can do that.

What products do you offer to help people achieve those results?

We are independent. Products range depending upon the needs and desires of the clients. The products with regards to fixed income planning vary widely. But, a few examples are Fixed Annuities, Structured Notes, CDs, Indexed Annuities, Whole Life Insurance, and Indexed Life Insurance.

Do you have access to and offer a range of possible products?

Yes, not one size fits all. There are many companies competing for retirement money. A big part of our job is understanding the objectives of our clients so we can find the select few that actually make practical sense. Lastly, it is not so much about the product, it is about providing a viable solution.

You are an independent firm, but what does that mean?

We work for our clients, not a particular company. So it really does not matter to me whether it is product A or C or company D or G. It is about helping clients realize their retirement objectives in an efficient way. Again, it’s about providing a viable solution.

When should someone call you?

When someone wants to retire in 10 years or sooner, that’s a great time to give me a call. Also, if they have questions about anything retirement, I’m happy to answer those questions even if we can’t do anything for them now.

Did you start your financial practice in Round Rock?

Yes, we have had several offices in the Round Rock area. We have been in our current location for about 8 years and don’t plan on moving.

Why did you decide to start a personal financial practice?

You will be able to tell from my accent that I’m from up North. I was born and grew up in Reeseville, WI. Reeseville is just inside an hour Northeast from Madison. My wife Ann and only son (at that time), moved to Texas in 1980, after a short stop in Illinois. We moved to Texas to start a new branch of a life and health insurance company. I was in management, and there was a lot of traveling involved and I was tired of it. I wanted to spend less time on the road, more time with family, and help people in the local community. That’s when I decided it was time to get out of management and start a personal financial practice.

Ann and I now have two sons and a daughter and 5 grandchildren…all boys! They can get kinda rowdy since they are all within about 5 years. Life is full and we feel very blessed.

Steve Straseske, Retirement Specialist

Steve Straseske, Retirement Specialist
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