Our Clients

We help investors who want to protect, grow, and generate income from their investments

Our clients are people with 401(k)s, stocks, mutual funds, and/or IRAs. They are motivated people who want these assets to grow and at some point, receive income from them. Typically, our clients understand there are trends in the market, and they want to take advantage of those trends. They also know that investing can be risky, so they want to have an exit strategy if, and when things take a turn for the worse.

Our mission is simple. Give our clients back more than they have entrusted with us. The bottom line is our mission derives everything we think about, talk about, and do.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, you’re in the right place. We can help.

Clients usually work with us because they are in one of the following situations:


You are not new to investing and know the stock market is risky

You still want to grow your money, but you don’t want what happened in 2000 and 2007 to happen again. You want to know there is an exit strategy to help protect your principle from another market calamity. You want to work with a money manager who will use stop losses, follows longer and shorter-term trends, and monitors all positions according to established rules.


You want to retire now, or within the next ten years

You know you need your investments to produce income but you’re just not sure about the available options. Also, you aren’t confident knowing which options produce the safest, most reliable choices when it comes to retirement income.


You have a 401(k)

You know that you have different options, but you don’t know which options are suitable for you. Each month you are making consistent contributions but you are not paying any attention to the investments. You know you should be doing something about it, but just are not sure where to start.


You have financial goals

You just don’t seem to be on target. You want help with the planning and implementation of these plans. You want more than an ‘advisor,’ you want a business partner that will help you every step of the way ranging from the development to the accountability of taking action.

Our clients fall into one or more categories:


Currently invest in the stock market

Own mutual funds, stocks, options, exchange traded funds, and/or some other stock market investment.


Currently have a 401(k)

Have a 401(k) invested in mutual funds or the 401(k) is self-directed.


Are close to retirement

Within 10 years of retirement and have different sources of assets to draw income.


Have a goal of having enough money to retire

Are currently working and want to make sure they are using all available resources to meet their objectives.


We serve people who have specific investment goals

They want a team to help them develop, implement, and track their progress according to their goals.

Our clients typically share many similar characteristics:


Understand there is inherent risk in the stock market

They know there are long and short term cycles in the stock market and want to take advantage of the different trends.


Know that good investment decisions start from a methodical approach

They want a clear, concise, investment plan whether it is for growth or income.


Retirement, or passive income is an ultimate objective

Building a solid foundation which takes into account the political, economic, and market risk is of the most importance.


Professional Relationships

They know a competent, dedicated team is irreplaceable. They want a group that looks at many different financial angles to help them.


Progress Reports

They want to know how their plans are working out. They want to know whether they are on track or off track to reach their financial goals.


Action Oriented

They are motivated to get ahead and want to use all the resources available to do so.

Our mission is simple. Give our clients back more than they have entrusted with us. The bottom line is our mission derives everything we think about, talk about, and do.

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